Did we scare you? Probably not, but that’s okay, we’re not in the scaring business. Rather, as a creative agency, we’re again highlighting some of 2017’s best and most notable Halloween marketing campaigns - digital or not. Maybe those findings will have you shocked and going from house to house looking for tricks & treats?

For us in the UK, Halloween is still a developing tradition compared to those dedicated folks in the US or Canada. And no, we’re not talking about the orange ghoul living at the White House. Mintel (2016) reported 40% of British consumers spent a terrorific £310 million on Halloween themed costumes, sweets, and decorations - compared to the United States’ truly staggering $8.4 billion (or £7 billion).

Nonetheless, here are several stores and brands capitalising on this upward, spook-tacular trend.


There is no doubt that this supersized retailer, which is fully owned by the even larger American retail corporation Wal-Mart, takes part in the spooky, one time a year tradition. The one-stop shop kicked things off with their “Home For All Things Haunted” video advert featuring a variety of children and adults in themed costumes dancing to an upbeat and well choreographed routine - sort of a combination with Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller and a stag party in full on fancy dress (the appropriate kind!).


Alongside the energised and catchy video, Asda’s Halloween campaign will also include social media posts, a radio advert, and several PR schemes, as reported by The Drum. And let’s not forget about their Halloween-themed crumpets also being sold at Asda locations nationwide. Halloween breakfast anyone? Check out the fully interactive and dedicated Halloween feature of their website too.



For those looking to support a truly British store this Halloween, look no further than your local Tesco. Their “Make It A Monster One With Our Horribly Good Ideas” campaign provides a wide range of practical and spine-chilling tips for all members of the family. The online content ranges from step by step decoration videos, food and drink recipe blogs, and a costume design contest.


We’d love to see your most creative and hair-raising creations from these digital tips - tweet us at @obergine! It will only be a short matter of time before Tesco starts advertising for their truly spine tingling and arguably questionable Candy Cane flavoured crisps. But that is for another blog post…


What makes Halloween more sweet than actual sweets? And chocolate, so much chocolate! The beloved confectionary brand, Cadbury, have instead chosen to release a limited time range of “scarily good Halloween treats” rather than a full blown advertising campaign. Although a radio advertisement has been heard eerily at the same exact time this article was being written! (Quick - to the Mystery Machine!).

The range of chocolates is being described according to their Halloween Sweets website page as “...something for everyone this Halloween, including Cadbury Halloween sweets, Halloween Hampers and the Screme Egg Gift Box! Our Halloween Chocolates come in lots of different shapes and sizes, so keep both you and the kids happy this Halloween with a great selection of chocolates from Cadbury”.  

And just like the best selling Cadbury Creme Egg, this Halloween will feature the “Ghooost Egg”, as seen below. The price of this fangtastic delight? Only 65p from retailers nationwide.


So what are you waiting for? Make this Halloween unBOOlievable! Let us know your favorite Halloween marketing campaign from this year or the past. Want more inspiration? Check out our Halloween Infographic that will have you running for dear life come this October 31.