December 22 - Christmas Around The World

With over a billion individuals from around the world celebrating Christmas, there is bound to be quite the variety of observable traditions. Here in England, we pride ourselves in the popping fun of a Christmas cracker at the table, for example. But what about elsewhere? How are other people in countries across the globe celebrating the this festive time? Interestingly, in Japan, where Christmas itself is a novelty, families make sure to dine on KFC, or in Venezuela where residents head to a Christmas Mass early in the morning by so on roller skates! 

Check out this article for more quirky and global ways that people are celebrating! If you have a fun tradition, we would LOVE to know what it is! More the merrier, right? Tweet us!

German Christmas Market

December 23 - Festive Shows To Watch

One of the greatest joys during the Christmas season is all the themed video content and series specials! The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Netflix, and others use this time of the year to release exclusive content for viewers. From old favourites to new lead characters and even Mary Berry herself, there will be an abundance of Christmas time television shows that provide hours of entertainment. For a complete list of all the recommended content, keeping reading The 40 Festive Shows You Won't Want To Miss This Year

Doctor Who Christmas Special

December 24 - National Egg Nog Day

Of course we didn't skip Christmas Eve on purpose. We know that is today and equally as important to some families as is Christmas Day. But it's blogmas and we're about spreading holiday fun and inspiration! For Americans, the 24 December is also known as a day to enjoy eggnog. Whether its bought in a store or homemade, this infamous and creamy beverage is often made from whole milk or double cream, a range of warming spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, beaten in eggs, and sugar for sweetness. Check out Jamie Oliver's recipe for the ultimate eggnog recipe! 

National Eggnog Day

December 25 - Christmas Day 

It's Christmas! What else can we say? From all of us from Obergine wish you and your family the happiest of days! 

Happy Christmas

Decmber 26 - Boxing Day 

There are multiple ways of observing the day after Christmas. For the UK, Boxing Day is most commonly associated with a time to really relax after the Christmas activities and eating as the day is an official public bank holiday. Historically, the day was a chance for the servants of wealthier families to be given the day off and a token of appreciation placed in a box from their household. Other traditions include fox hunting, football matches, and charity events. In other words, there are many ways to observe this beloved holiday too! 

Boxing Day

December 27 - Recycling After Christmas

According to the Oxford City Council, there will be nearly 30% more waste generated during the Christmas season. Most wrapping paper, cardboard, wine bottle, glass food jars, and more can be recycled. More so, there will be the opportunity to have your Christmas tree properly discarded and collected. Minus the lights, decorations, and pots, the Oxford City Council advises to place the tree next to your blue/brown bins from 9 January to 2 February for proper collection. There are even dedicated drop off points across the city. 

Recycling After Christmas Oxford

December 28 - Wrapping Up Blogmas

Unfortunately, all great things must come to a close. This includes our 2017 blogmas! It's been nearly four weeks of Christmas topics that were shared about Obergine HQ, the Oxford area, and leading festive Internet trends. We documented it all on our Twitter - just see the December posts! We had so much fun and creativity developing this series and hope to do so again in the New Year. Bring on 2018! 

Wrapping Up Blogmas