December 15 - Ugly Jumper Day

In most wardrobes are the Christmas jumpers that would not see the light of day due to their sheer absurdity if not for this fun and festive day which was started as a way to lighten up the stressful and busy holidays. This annual tradition is also a light-hearted way of supporting Save The Children charity. To make the most of ugly jumper day

  • more colour the better
  • embellish with pom-poms, ornaments, tinsel, or anything festive
  • add battery powered fairy lights
  • use the hashtag #christmasjumperday across social media 

December 16 - Obergine Christmas Party

This is one of our most favourite days of the year. It's the office Christmas party! A time for the hardworking Obergine staff to get together and reflect on the various creative projects we have accomplished in recent months in a truly festive manner. The evening will be well documented on Twitter - so be sure to follow us! Below is a throwback photo of the Christmas party from 5 years ago!


December 17 - Last Posting Dates

Before you know it, Christmas Day will be here! Let's just hope all the gifts you have mailed to friends and family in the UK arrive on time. Not sure when is the last day to do so? Royal Mail has published a recommended time line for both domestic and international last posting dates. For parcels in the UK,  

  • 20 Dec - 2nd Class and 2nd Class Signed For
  • 21 Dec - 1st Class and 1st Class Signed For
  • 22 Dec - Special Delivery Guaranteed Saturday Delivery

December 18 - Cookie Exchange Week 

It's no secret that Obergine LOVES cookies. In fact, we had office competitions dedicated to the baked treats! With just one week to go until Christmas Day, the ultimate way to be more festive is by throwing a cookie exchange party with all your friends, family, and colleagues. Not only does it get everyone in a fun and festive mood surrounded by gingerbread, chocolate, and more but it's a great way to give and share all around. Be sure to be prepared with this How To Throw A Holiday Cookie Swap Party


December 19 - Mince Pie Day

It's nothing official, we just like eating mince pies. But wouldn't it be great if there actually was an official mince pie day? In fact, we see this quintessential Christmas time snack as deserving it's chance to shine. Since the late 16th century, Britain has been producing all different types and flavours of mince pie. Today, however, most mince pies are recognised to be a sweet and buttery treat rather than savoury.

Here at Obergine, we're putting the modern mince pie to the test. This means trying various mince pies from several major supermarkets to see which one not only tastes the best, but looks the best as well. To find the results of this "challenge", we will be posting all the details on our Twitter page!


December 20 - Go Caroling Day

In recent years, the practice of going door to door singing Christmas carols has been on the decline. Most Christmas carols are often comprised of a religious tune, the holiday season, colder weather, or imaginative characters, such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. We argue, however, that singing Christmas carols either in public, with friends and family, or just on your drive to work is a great holiday tradition that should be kept alive. Fortunately today is that day - get singing! 


December 21 - Winter Solstice

We'll just get it out and say that today has the fewest hours of daylight of the year - lasting just under eight hours - and will be the longest night night of the year too. The winter solstice marks the astronomical start of the winter season - just in time for Christmas! It may be a long and cold day, but that means more daylight is to come following the natural event. In England, the winter solstice is most famously celebrated at the prehistoric grounds of Stonehenge. Enjoy the day while you can!