We're back at it for Week 2 of Obergine Blogmas! It's two times the festivity, two times the events, and two times the Christmas fun! If you missed Week 1, all the exciting content was also posted on our Twitter profile! 

December 8 - Winter Walks in Oxfordshire

Whether you're looking for an outdoor activity, a break from visiting family, or a chance to burn off those extra holiday sweets, the Oxfordshire area where Obergine calls home is a wonderful region to enjoy a winter walk. There are multiple National Trust locations that provide ample resources to discover this diverse landscape. We would love to see more of the beautiful scenery - tweet us as you're enjoying the great outdoors!


December 9 - Christmas Card Day

Did you know that the first commercial Christmas cards originated from London in the early 1840's? It's true and we love that this beloved tradition has English roots! With a handful of designs, slogans, and themes, Christmas cards are a sincere and longstanding method to send a "holiday hello" to your friends and family. Be sure to mail the cards out sooner than later! For more Christmas Card Day fun, take a look at The Anatomy Of A Christmas Card Infograph


December 10 - Santa Dash in Oxford

There is no better way to give back this Christmas than by supporting your local Helen & Douglas House. The annual Santas On The Run event will see over 2,000 Santas of every age running (and walking!) through the streets of central Oxford. All funds raised will provide much needed hospice care for children and young adults! For additional information, check out the complete Santas On The Run information sheet.


December 11 - Classic Christmas Movies 

If you're in the mood for a non-outdoors Christmas activity, there is nearly a limitless selection of old school classics and modern favourites films to spend the afternoon watching with a warm cup of tea. Some of the most recognisable characters in storytelling have come from classic Christmas films - think Buddy the Elf, the Grinch, or The Santa Clause. This thorough list of fim suggestions will provide hours of entertainment!


December 12 - Gingerbread House Day

It's that time of the year to bring out your very best gingerbread house building and decorating skills! This annual celebration has some roots as far back as the 1600's. The material of choice to construct these sweet and sugary houses are a crisp and sturdy ginger biscuit. Share your gingerbread house creation with us on Twitter using the hashtag #GingerBreadHouseDay


December 13 - National Cocoa Day 

A crisp and cold winter day can be instantly made better with a warm and creamy cup of hot cocoa! This annual celebration is a favoured way to enoy a luscious treat and is one of the sweetest days of the entire year! Just don't forget the mini marshmallows for the complete drink. Use the hashtag #NationalCocoaDay on Twitter for us to see your hot and delicious treat!


December 14 - Lonely This Christmas Campaign

Christmas is a time for giving, being with friends and family, and spreading holiday joy. Unfortunately, there are numerous individuals, particularly older men and women, faced with loneliness and have no where to go over the Christmas Holiday. They are the ones that are in dire need of attention and care this festive season. AgeUK Oxfordshire in collaboration with the Oxford Mail have an ongoing "Loneliness Campagin" that helps spread awareness and raise support regarding the cause.