If you haven’t heard of Facebook Live, it basically does what it says on the tin. It’s a Facebook service that allows you to record a live video and share it with all your friends and followers. This allows the viewers to comment and interact as the video’s being recorded. 

I’m sure you’re wondering how it works or how it can help your business. Well don’t worry! In this blog post I’ll be explaining how you can use Facebook Live effectively to enhance and improve your businesses video marketing. 

Get as many people as possible to watch live

Let people know when you’re going live. Although the video does get saved to your Facebook timeline after you go offline, it is at its most effective when people are actually watching live so you can garner engagement and respond to comments while you’re still online. 

Create videos that’ll engage your audience

Embrace the interactive possibilities that Facebook Live offers. Here are some examples of video ideas you could go Live with:
●    Behind the scenes - Company insights
It could be a stream of a typical day in the office, a work day out or a video of how a product or service is created. This can create a much more personal relationship with your customers and help portray a friendly image.
●    Live interaction - Q&A
Can you guess what one of the best things about Facebook Live is? Well, the clue is in the name. It’s live! Interact with your customers and Facebook fans live. Set up a Q&A or do an FAQ video with any live watchers adding further questions in the comment section. 
●    Live demonstration  - How-to’s
Stream a demo of a new product, showing the viewers how the product is used. Again, the great thing is that people can comment while the video is being filmed, allowing you to add further detail to your demonstration if people are commenting that they’re unclear or particularly interested. 

Reuse and repurpose your Facebook Live content

Your Facebook Live videos don’t just have to stop at Facebook. Share it on other platforms as well. If your live video is quite long, edit it up into highlights and post it on Facebook and YouTube or Vimeo. Alternatively, you could write an article or blog post and embed the video. Don’t just limit the video to just Facebook users. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Melanie Cohn, Social Media Manager at Dunkin’ Donuts was quoted as saying “During our first Facebook Live session, we garnered great engagement and thousands of views, comments and likes in just a matter of minutes. Within 13 minutes, we had 21,000 viewers, which proves the stickiness of live video and wanting to know what’s next.” (Marketing Land - How 3 brands are using Facebook Live)


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