Video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy for businesses. 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week (Insivia - 50 facts). Videos can humanise a company, improve brand recognition and there’s money to be made from paid ads. In this post, I’ll give you six easy tips on how you can carry video marketing out effectively.

Script the video using the PISEA method

When planning and scripting your video, use the PISEA method:

Of course you want to sell your product or services, however don’t make it sound like a sales pitch. Identify your ideal customer’s pain, state what’ll happen if they don’t solve that pain, tell them how you can solve it, describe the emotion they’ll be feeling after and express what action they should take next.

Keep it short and sweet

No matter how good your video is, if it’s too long the attention of the viewer will be lost. So when creating a video for your business, whether it’s a product advertisement or simply a video explaining what your business can offer, quality over quantity is key.
60% of people run out of patience after two minutes when watching a video, leading to them closing it. So it’s a good idea to make your video less than that, around ninety seconds is perfect. 

Create high-quality content

As obvious as it may sound, make your content something that people are actually likely to watch, sit through and enjoy.
So many people make the mistake of creating an informative video for their business but forget to actually make it entertaining. Move away from ‘talking head’ videos where it’s just someone sitting in front of a camera talking. Boring!
Examples of popular videos include product demonstrations, tutorials, Q&As and photo montages which, if done correctly, can all be excellent videos for a business.
It’s also worth noting that most viewers will forgive average camera quality but they won’t put up with below par sound quality. These days a high-end smartphone or tablet will be able to create sufficient camera quality, however you may want to invest in a decent microphone before you begin video-making. 

Give your video a strong title

A strong video title can drag in powerful traffic. There are a couple of reasons why this is important. A great title can grab a viewer’s attention and pull them towards your video. Also, if you include suitable keywords in your title, it’ll improve your chances of showing higher up on search engines. 

Include calls to action

So you’re at the point where you’ve created a great, well-scripted video with a strong title, what now? Make sure you don’t just allow the viewer to watch your video and let them leave without asking them to take up an action. Ask them to leave a comment on the video, subscribe to the channel and visit your social media platforms. This keeps them interested even after the video has ended and can draw traffic into other parts of your business. 

Do it again…and again…and again!

If you think all you need to do to become successful in video marketing is create one great video, you’re wrong! When a viewer likes one of your videos, they’re going to want more of them from you. Give that to them and they’ll keep coming back and tell their friends or colleagues about your company, which could produce more business.