New portal and mobile apps for industry-leading recruitment software provider

Oxford Software

Oxford Software are a team of recruitment software specialists that have been providing leading recruitment agency software for over 30 years.

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Across the board system upgrade

 Working closely with their customers, Oxford Software deliver the benefits of recruitment software innovation, whilst protecting existing investment in computer systems.

Oxford Software appointed Obergine to replace all their online properties with up-to-date and simplified APIs as well as improved user interfaces for their online portal and iOS / Android apps.

The Brief


The first stage of the project focussed on a discovery phase to ensure the project’s scope was fully defined and understood by all parties. Detailed sessions were carried out with the sales, development, and support teams to document the current processes, data flows, and systems.

Technical problems with the outgoing system included:

  • Portal was built using Flash, which was no longer supported by browsers.
  • Internal team did not have the ability to make updates to the portal or app.
  • Configuration and setup was very technical
  • Entering timesheets was clunky, time-consuming and limited
  • Existing integration was dated and very action specific

Following the review of the outgoing system, Obergine proposed the API and underlying systems should be merged to create a single generic set of API calls.


Beautiful Design & UX

With the backend system understood, Obergine worked with Oxford Software’s clients to understand exactly where the outgoing system fell short to ensure the new user-interface met current and future expectations. This meant understanding the needs of a variety of audiences, from temp workers to recruitment agents and businesses employing workers.

The new system had to provide a simple to use, friendly and relatable interface that allowed workers to input their hours, agencies to view payslips and approve holidays / sick days, and businesses to approve timesheets across a host of devices with a range of user capabilities.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Modern, simple design.
  • Friendly user-interface, with clear navigation and defined user-journeys.
  • Optimised for mobile devices as well as larger, modern desktops.
  • New apps for IOS and Android making it even easier to access.
Beautiful Design & UX

Building & testing the new systems

Once the overall scope was agreed, Obergine focussed on the breaking the requirements into smaller project sections, with clearly defined milestones within the delivery.

We ran weekly Zoom / phone calls with the project team, and at key milestones met face-to-face to review progress and agree sign-off as required. Working in tandem with the Oxford Software development team, we were able to ensure the API endpoints matched the needs, and testing was completed in a collaborate way.

This ensured a smooth transition from API development to front-end build of both the apps and online portal and minimised the number of support requests that came in once the software was pushed live to a larger, national audience. This was further helped by a staggered roll-out across a 30-day period which ensured all of Oxford Software’s clients experienced a smooth transition across to the new system.

Building & testing the new systems

Results in action

We have already seen a huge increase in the speed and efficiency that timesheets are uploaded, resulting in happier users, and increasing uptake.

Key stats so far

  • Over 20,000 active monthly users  
  • 3,500 app users
  • 64% mobile users

And an overall decrease in session duration - a good thing as it means users are able to login, enter their details, and log out quickly. 

Results in action

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