Digital marketing strategy

We provided Oxford Brookes University Conference Services with strategic planning and marketing consultation services to improve their commercial capabilities.

One of the UK's leading modern universities

Located in a historic student city, Oxford Brookes University is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation as well as strong links with business and industry.

Oxford Brookes Conference Services (OBCS) has a range of venues suitable for conferences, meeting, parties, weddings and many other functions.

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Copywriting

Digital marketing strategy brief

OBCS needed a digital marketing and website strategy that would help:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive conference venue bookings
The Brief

Persona analysis

We identified the different types of people that are likely to need OBCS by creating a persona for each target audience that outlined their goals, needs, behaviours, frustrations and challenges.

In addition to helping guide the strategic planning work, these target audience personas were also useful references when planning future marketing activities by ensuring that all marketing initiatives were focused on satisfying one or more of the target audience needs.


Competitor audit

A website and digital marketing landscape audit of key competitors was undertaken to ensure that all opportunities to improve upon current OBCS performance and their competitors were identified and factored into the new digital strategy.

The comprehensive audit factored in usability, SEO, social media, content, brand and goal conversion performance considerations.

The audit factored in many things, including SEO and goal conversion performance considerations

User experience (UX) planning

A user experience planning exercise was undertaken to optimise the experience of the website visitors and maximise conversion rates for OBCS venue booking enquiries.  

The output of this exercise was the development of a new website taxonomy coupled with annotated versions of the OBCS website templates for the internal university development teams to implement.

UX planning was undertaken to optimise user experience

Content strategy

Editorial calendar

We produced an editorial calendar that outlines content publication schedules factoring in key industry events, university initiatives, optimal content topics and social communication channels.

Influencer research and analysis 

Critical to the project was the influencer research and analysis undertaken in order to identify the users and organisations for which it would be beneficial for OBCS to engage with, to maximise visibility and awareness.

Editorial calendar and influencer analysis

Copywriting and content creation

The final project deliverables involved the preparation of all the required image assets and supporting content for the updated OBCS website. 

This involved resizing and optimising the requisite website imagery and crafting the website content for handover to OBCS for content entry.

We created all the required image assets and supporting content

Marketing channel optimisation

To ensure that marketing and communication initiatives were efficient and effective, Obergine also provided advice and consultancy around social media channel tactics and how they could be meaningfully measured.

Marketing channel optimisation to ensure marketing initiatives were efficient

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