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The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) represents the UK animal health industry, and promotes quality animal health products and services.

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The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) represents the UK animal health industry with the aim of promoting the benefits of safe, effective, quality animal health products and services for the health and welfare of all animals. They directly engage with many audiences including the government, regulators, the farming industry, the veterinary community and a litany of other stakeholders include the public.

Their existing website was no longer able to offer the user-experience or engagement that NOAH were looking for and they wanted the new site to:

  • Showcase the work NOAH undertakes on behalf of members
  • Promote NOAH membership to potential new members
  • Communicate the key animal health related issues to a wider variety of audiences whilst offering a personalised experience
  • Act as an easily searchable library to NOAH’s wealth of regularly updated content which included documents, videos, links and rich media

Obergine designed and built a modern, beautiful website that not only displays NOAH’s content in an engaging manner but also provided the wide range of audiences using the site with a personalised, tailored experience that allowed them to easily search and filter information that was relevant to them.

The Brief


An initial Discovery Phase was conducted to benchmark the outgoing site and identify areas of opportunity and improvement not covered by the project brief. This process outlined a strong SEO presence and a host of underused content that needed to be restructured in order to make the most of the shortened user-journeys. Ensuring that the content restructuring didn’t result in a loss of long-term organic performance was a fundamental project aim. .


Results that matter



Google’s Featured Snippets


increase in

page dwell time



since launch

Beautiful Content

A powerful search and filtering feature is at the core of the new site to allow users to access content quickly, so ensuring pages and related content were correctly siloed and tagged was crucial to the overall project success. This formed a key part of the new site as cross-promoting related content ensures users can navigate a host of content types from one place.
This was paired with beautiful landing pages where content is accessible across devices and fast-loading pages which clearly label the content that are related to a specific topic, whether that be Press Releases, a host of Resources, News or Useful Links.

This shortened user journey meant users no longer have to bounce between areas of the site looking for different types of relevant content.

Beautiful Content

Clean, open design

The outdated site also needed a visual upgrade to present NOAH as the modern organisation it is. This was achieved through expanding and innovating the boundaries of NOAH’s brand whilst using a broken grid hierarchy to create energy within pages – pairing this with clear signposting and visually engaging CTAs and imagery around a mobile-first, open design that presents content clearly and engages users once they land on the site.

Ease of navigation was key, so the information architecture and menu items were streamlined to reflect the shortened user-journeys, with the search functionality placed front and centre of key pages.

Clean, open design

Delivering Success

The new site was launched in October 2022 and immediately received a wealth of positive feedback from NOAH’s internal teams and wider membership. Individual page dwell time has increased whilst overall session duration reduced indicating users were spending more time engaging with the content that matters to them most. The site’s search feature is one of the most used sections on the site whilst NOAH’s SEO performance was maintained with improvements seen on high-value, individual keywords and an increase in the number of Featured Snippets appearing on Google’s SERPs.

Delivering success

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