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New user experience delivers results for the MG Car Club

MG Car Club

The MG Car Club was formed in 1930 at the famous MG works in Abingdon, and is run for members by members.


  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Membership
  • Wordpress

Starting out

The MG Car Club came to Obergine following a recommendation, with a number of requirements - the underlying theme being to help drive them forward.

Their existing web presence was dated, didn't work well on mobile and was in need of a refresh. In addition, the club needed help to make the site work better; to help

  • drive member signups
  • ​increase shop purchases
  • improve engagement
The Brief

The results in numbers


increase in



increase in



increase in

social referrals


Improved user interface and UX

The new home page focuses on content that is useful to members and potential members, promoting latest news and upcoming events, highlighting member benfits and cross-selling products from the shop. This quickly gives users an idea of what is happening, and encourages engagement, with the ultimate aim of joining the club. 

New design

Wordpress for Membership

MGCC already had a solution in place when they came to Obergine, and we have been happy to work with their existing platform. 

Wordpress is utilised in a multi-site environment to provide content management facilities, and to allow each region and register to manage their own areas of the site. 

Registered users can access a secure area of the site for member specific content, and to manage their membership. We are currently working with their membership management system to fully integrate member profiles to further extend the capabilties. 

Wordpress for Membership

Ongoing growth

Launching a new website is only the first step of running a successful solution. It must be maintained, hosted, and also enhanced based on customer usage, and industry changes. In short, it must evolve.

Using on and off-site analytics, we're able to identify successful areas of the site, and also areas in need of more care. With a member-run site this can be tricky as there are a large number of editors, each with their own take on how the site should communicate! 

We have recently identified areas of the site that are performing better than the club thought, and these will now be enhanced to help drive more traffic, and turn that traffic into engagement and ultimately conversions. 

The story continues...

Ongoing growth

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