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LRE System

LRE System have developed the world’s first, and only, joint resurfacing system for the elbow.

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World’s first elbow joint resurfacing system

LRE System Limited is a medical technology manufacturer that for the last 10 years have been developing the world’s first, and only, joint resurfacing system for the elbow. Developed by surgeons, the LRE offers a completely new direction for patients and surgeons alike to address elbow pain. With the product going through the final stages of gaining a CE mark, Obergine were brought in to direct their digital marketing activities as well as deliver a brand-new website.

The Brief

New website & digital strategy

LRE System required a full-service digital strategy in addition to a new website in order to get their new product in front of customers. Their existing online presence consisted of a Twitter account and a single page website that lacked information and gave no real indication of the benefits of the LRE.

The digital strategy and website needed to understand and speak to various LRE user groups as well provide multiple touch points for both potential patients and healthcare professionals. Obergine needed to bolster LRE System’s online presence so that they could:

  • ‘Sell’ the benefits of the LRE on an engaging and beautiful new website;
  • Engage and answer queries of the multiple audience personas that would be involved in the process of getting an LRE;
  • Implement a pull-strategy whereby potential patients requested an LRE System as their preferred elbow treatment from their surgeon or GP;
  • Access a digital strategy that identified their audience persona’s including information such what social media they used, what they Googled and the information they required in order to complete their ‘buyer journey’.

Greater customer satisfaction, proven by hard numbers.


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UX Design & Content Development

After defining the core audience groups that LRE System would need to engage with, Obergine came up with a website journey that would present relevant information to these users. This meant clear calls-to-action, easy to navigate menus and information that was simply presented and spoke directly to each user.

Whether users landed on the home page or entered the site via another page, they were immediately directed towards the information most relevant to them. Be that a patient looking to understanding their elbow pain or a healthcare professional wanting to analyse the clinical data behind the LRE, each user-journey was carefully constructed around the principle of presenting the right content, to the right user at the right time.

A mobile-first design approach ensured that the website’s menus, content and CTA’s were accessible to all users.

Obergine were also heavily involved in the vast amount of copywriting that was required and blended fact-based medical information with easy-to-understand, engaging content that encouraged users to get in touch.

UX Design & Content Development

Digital strategy & persona development

Deploying a ‘pull strategy’ for the campaign required growth and improvement in both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social media. Utilising both these was key to expanding LRE System‘s presence online before successfully converting patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) across a variety of mediums.

Following Obergine’s ‘Discovery & Research Phase’, personas for both HCPs and Patient were drawn up and led all aspect of content creation and messaging going forward. This element was crucial for influencing both the PPC and SEO sections of the SEM with regards to copy messaging, keyword selection and initial link-building outreach.

As a result of these initial efforts, organic visibility grew by some 150% with Clicks from Google doubling. 

Although still in it’s early stages, Obergine’s digital strategy surrounding social media has seen LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter identified as initial target areas for engaging with each persona type. The strategy acts as the reference point for each social post and it’s content including landing page links, tone-of-voice and which hashtags are targeted. This has resulted in a huge uptick on individual post engagement. 

Digital strategy & persona development

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