240% increase in website revenue

The 21% increase of organic search traffic coupled with a conversion rate improvement of 25% has helped drive publication sales significantly. 

World's most respected Chinese & Oriental art dealers

Established for over 50 years, Eskenazi are based in Mayfair, London, in a specially designed six-floor building with two floors dedicated solely to exhibiting the very best of Chinese art.

  • User Experience Design
  • Ecommerce & Digital Platforms
  • Responsive Websites

Art gallery and ecommerce website brief

Eskenazi needed a website that boosted awareness of their expertise and reputation as world leaders in Chinese and Oriental art, as well as acting as an online gallery which showcased their art. 

To achieve this, we needed to:

  • Ensure that website visitors could explore the range, quality and details of their exhibition items – both past and present

  • Deliver an exceptional user experience across all devices with a high regard for mature audiences in particular

  • Drive additional website traffic and publication purchases online

  •  Support both Chinese and English languages

The Brief

Clean, simple and comprehensive art gallery

The website art gallery is vast, with artwork for all exhibitions since 2010 being featured.  Users are encouraged to explore the background and imagery for each work of art using wonderful photography that allows visitors to view the detail of the artifacts across multiple perspectives.

As Eskenazi’s target audiences tends to be mature users, it was important that the website factored in accessibility considerations, such as colour contrast levels and liberal use of white space.


Greater customer satisfaction, proven by hard numbers.


increase in

ecommerce conversion rate


increase in

organic search traffic


increase in

website revenue

Email marketing

It was essential to incorporate email marketing facilities within the new website in order for Eskenazi to try and build relationships with customers, prospects and leads. 

The website helped grow the size of Eskenazi’s email marketing database by the inclusion of email opt-in facilities that allowed subscribers to receive communications about their favoured types of art ranging from Broze to Ceramics to Print to Sculptures. 

We incorporated email marketing facilities to build relationships with Eskenazi's audience

Publication ecommerce

Obergine incorporated ecommerce facilities that allowed website visitors to easily browse and purchase Eskenazi’s art publications.

Ecommerce facilities

Communication of Eskenazi's rich heritage

To communicate Eskenazi’s rich heritage we created an interactive history timeline that showcased the history and heritage by introducing the founders, their achievements and the art since being established over 50 years ago.

We created an interactive history timeline for Eskenazi

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