The final episode of the Great British Bake Off is right around the corner, with (SPOILER ALERT) Candice, Jane and Andrew battling it out to be crowned the champion of the Great British Bake Off. With five of the episodes this year placing in the top 5 most watched programmes of 2016, this tweet from the Mary Berry parody account sums up the feelings of many  Bake Off fans around the world:


Here are five examples of companies that have been capitalising on the popularity of the show:

Tesco: #BakeOn

Tesco have been running a competition on Twitter alongside each episode of GBBO encouraging users to create different baked goods, from puddings to pies, before taking a picture and tweeting Tesco for a chance to win baking themed prizes.

To help people find inspiration or for those with limited baking skills (such as myself), Tesco have a dedicated baking section on their website which includes recipes, how to enter the competition and a link to baking products, such as equipment, baking books and ingredients.







University of Reading Special Collections: 18th and 19th century baking recipes

In honour of the show, the University of Reading special collections put together a collection of baking recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries, such as ‘the best orange-pudding ever tasted’ from 1719 and a rich puff paste from 1822.


Innocent drinks: running Twitter commentary + moments

Innocent drinks have always been a brand to incorporate the latest news and trends into their marketing.

During episodes of GBBO, Innocent’s twitter account provides a running commentary of what’s happening on the show. Like a most of Innocent’s tweets, they follow the same informal and amusing tone. 







With Twitter opening up moments for all users, after the latest episode Innocent produced their own moment, reliving the emotional rollercoaster of the semi-final, including tweets Innocent posted throughout the episode along with replies from the public. Twitter competitions

Online retailer AO also got in on the GBBO action, running several competitions to win a range of prizes, from a bread maker to a cake a month for a year. 





Sainsbury’s: get your bake on

A search on the Sainsbury’s website for ‘bake off’ brings up a range of baking products, such as kitchen appliances, as well as every bake off fan’s favourite presenter Paul Hollywood’s new range.

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