If you’ve never heard of Evernote, now’s the time. Evernote is a free app designed to store and organise files. Many like-minded creative’s already use Evernote, but if you’re yet to do so, this article will introduce you to Evernote, and explain its hype.   

What is Evernote?

Evernote is an online app designed to help users capture, store and organise information in one place. Referred to by many as being their ‘external brain’, Evernote allows anything and everything to be stored to one central hub. This could be organising notes, capturing screenshots or simply uploading pdfs and pictures. The app is available across multiple platforms, including mobile, making it really easy to sync files across all of your devices. Whether your working from home, or travelling to meet a client, Evernote is accessible anywhere.

The benefits of using Evernote

01. Keeping organised.

Evernote stores information in ‘notes’ and ‘notebooks’, similar to files and folders. This allows users to organise information into jobs, projects and/or clients. Keeping notes in the form of a “Scrapbook” is a great way of storing thoughts, research and links for current and future projects. A developer could use Evernote by copying and pasting specific snippets of code as a ‘note’ for future reference. 

By categorizing your notes, everything you need is at your fingertips. 

02. Accessible anywhere.

Evernote is available on multiple platforms and synchronizes your notes across all of your devices when you use them.  The desktop version keeps a local copy of your files, making it accessible even if you don't have Internet connection.  

Being able to use Evernote anywhere is great, you may use it in your office on a desktop, a mobile on the bus or a tablet at home.  Being able to locate and retrieve your information from one place will save you time and money. 

03. Evernote Web Clipper

Designers have their own way of organising inspiration. Evernote’s Web Clipper allows you to save anything you find on the web directly to your account. You can save specific sections of a webpage or an entire page, these will later appear in your account. No longer do you need to bookmark pages or save screenshots to your desktop. 

04. Sharing notebooks

Evernote is not just place to store information but is also great at sharing ideas. You can share ‘notebooks’ with other Evernote users; both can view and modify shared notebooks.  Evernote also makes it easy to share links across social media. 

Evernote is great for collaborative projects; you can have shared notebooks that sync to everyone’s devices. Each member is then able to upload their content. This is great amongst a team of designers, creating a shared project notebook which they can upload their own inspiration and ideas.  

In conclusion

So now you know what Evernote is, hopefully you’ll start to realise what all the fuss is about. Evernote is a great tool that organises your files, so you no longer have to spend valuable time searching for them. Its available across multiple devices, making it accessible wherever you maybe.  

Being a designer, Evernote is essential part of my daily routine. Its great to know that all of your inspiration is in one place and is sharable amongst other Evernote users. Using Evernote will save you time and increase your productivity.