Soups will be served every Wednesday and scored out of ten in three categories; taste, presentation and effort.

Two completely different soups started the contest; Jeremy’s hearty borscht followed by Ben’s delicate consommé.

Jeremy’s Beetroot Borscht

Jeremy set the bar high in the first week with his Beetroot Borscht, a variation of an age-old family recipe. This was not a standard soup; it was a whole meal in a bowl containing a variety of root vegetables and a generous helping of tender beef. 

All the flavours’ worked well, especially when combined with the creamy garnish, and Jeremy’s presentation wouldn’t have looked out of place in a restaurant.  There were discussions that he may lose marks for his lack of bread, however I think the quality of the soup made up for this.

Ben’s Mushroomand Lemongrass Consommé

In complete contrast to Jeremy’s hearty Borscht, Ben provided a delicate consommé accompanied by handmade parmesan crisps.  Anticipation was high after Ben’s win in the Bake Off and the expectation was doubled when we caught the scent of the soup and saw the parmesan crisps. 

We were not disappointed when the soup was served; the flavours were tasty and delicate, just as they should be in a consommé .My personal highlight was the parmesan crisps.

Coming up 

Next week Jason will attempt his first ever soup, followed by Elodie who had success in the Bake Off, so it will be interesting to see how she does in this competition.