Elodie’s entry was the French classic Quatre Quart (Four Quarters). The flavour’s on offer were: plain, chocolate and pear, double chocolate and a pineapple version.  All four quarters were delicious . 

The cakes went down extremely well in the office with the double chocolate proving the most popular. Luckily Elodie provided enough cake to keep us fed for a few days 


Hugo’s offering for week 4 came in the form of a carrot cake which Jenny, who is not a fan of carrot cake, described as “good for a carrot cake.” 

The cake was presented to us early and the morning and with it being perfectly baked and the fruit inside providing excellent flavour it was a perfect way to start the day.  

Coming Up

Next week will be Ben’s opportunity to impress us with an entry that he has assured me will score highly for originality! The week after will be Karen’s turn and having experienced Karen’s baking before, the expectations are high.