Mini Cooper T

The Drum released an article based on the fictitious Mini Cooper T, which runs on a “tea-leaf biofuel composite” and will be able to complete 40 miles per cup - meaning that powering the car with Sainsbury’s basic tea bags would get you a very impressive 3200 miles for just 30p! Let’s hope head of Mini’s engineering Dr Ivana Kuppa gets it into production soon. 

Kindle Paperscent are bringing the scent of classic books back into todays Kindle domintaed world with the new kindle Paperscent. The Paperscent promises to rekindle (sorry) memories of childhood with the oil scent cartridges reguarling releasing the classic book aromas as you read.  Available in both New Book and Old Book smells this is sure to be a must-have accessory.. 

Scottish Roads

There were many April Fools stories based on Scottish independence; while most focused on changes to the flag The Guardian targeted the Scottish road network.The proposed changes would see the Scottish switching to a right hand side driving system to fall in line with other EU counries. The article goes into great depth about the logistics involved, with the highlight being a change in the font used on signs to a new “Celtic-tinged typeface, Proclaimer”. 

HTC Gluuv

HTC have taken the next step in wearable technology introducing the HTC gluuv. The sci-fi looking gluuv gives you the ability to show your feeling through movement: a thumbs up movment will like the post you are viewing on Facebook, while the 87.2 megapixel camera means you can capture the envy on people’s faces in high quality. The gluuv is designed to be intergrated with the brand new M8 but also can be used with the HTC BoomBass, which actually appears more practical than some real wearable tech. Samsung also produced a glove type product for their contribution to April Fools: I wonder if their will be anymore copyright battles?

Changes to Rugby scoring systems

This is one for the sport fans - Northampton Saints have released a statement saying they will be trialling a new scoring system with their youth teams. Instead of three points for a penatly kick and two for a conversion, if the kicker hits the crossbar or the posts they will be awarded double points, turning a simple kicking excersise into more of a cross bar challenge. Sadly for sports fans this is most definitely a joke, unlike England losing to the Netherlands in the cricket.


The inspiration for using Comic Sans as the thumbnail for this post came from CERN who have changed their webiste font to Comic Sans, and one department have gone as far as even changing their animations to it! Check out their press release here: