Implementing Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing automation improves your results while increasing your efficiency. Best of all it’s a scalable enterprise, helping you grow your marketing efforts without growing your team. Marketing Automation has huge potential, but how do you realise that?

Strategy is Key

Automation is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing at the minute, and implementing it successfully is both exciting and rewarding. But the success of that implementation comes from something rather ordinary: good strategic planning.

For your marketing automation to bring returns it must be built into the heart of your marketing strategy. Time needs to be spent on

  • Understanding and visualising your sales process
  • Charting your customers’ journey up to their first purchase, then on to their last
  • Working out how you can solve your customers’ pain points at every stage of interaction
  • Integrating your chosen solution with your CRM

It’s this planning that makes a great marketing automation implementation and delivers the results you are looking for.

Building the Components

We’re a team of data-driven marketers who can work with you to plan, implement, and analyse the results of your marketing automation campaign. We help you understand how your potential customers want to interact with you and how you can create workflows that turn them into paying customers. Even more than that we can work with you to keep improving and refining those workflows, so your results will keep getting better.

Let us help you

If you are looking for a team of marketers who want to help you build marketing automation into your process give Obergine a call on 01865 245777 or send us an email.

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