SEO, PPC and Social Media

Good community management is all about collaboration, measurement, and knowing your customers. We combine all three of these to grow communities and turn social media fans into regular customers.


Social media management should be sociable. We will never know your business or audience as well as you do, but we do know how to engage with people.

To make the most of your knowledge and our skills we will collaborate with you as closely as possible; meeting regularly, speaking even more regularly, and perhaps even going out for coffee sometimes. 

All of this communication will help us to work together better and create a stronger online community around your brand.

Organic and Paid

Curated newsfeeds with their bias against branded content mean that in today’s social media world most of your audience will not see your posts through organic means alone – you need to give them a bit of a boost.

But which updates do you pay to expose, and which do you let gain their reach organically? Our digital marketers can help you answer this question, so you get as much exposure and interaction as possible through both organic and paid means.

Measurement and Reporting

Measuring the effects of social media can be a challenge. So many metrics are thrown at you it can be almost impossible to decide which are useful for your business and which are not.

At Obergine we take a data-driven approach to all of our marketing and community management efforts, providing you with regular, transparent updates that have one purpose: to give you the data you need to make your marketing efforts succeed.

Let us help you

If you are looking for a team of marketers who want to help you manage your social media community give Obergine a call on 01865 245777 or send us an email.

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