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World Nuclear University

The World Nuclear University (WNU) was founded in 2005 and is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide programmes for younger nuclear professionals worldwide.

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Internationally respected & industry leading University for the nuclear sector

The World Nuclear University (WNU) was founded in 2005 and is a non-profit organisation that provides programmes for younger nuclear professionals worldwide. Their aim is to offer a stimulating multicultural and dynamic learning experience with up-to-date content, opening a gateway to a global network of nuclear professionals. Obergine were tasked with bringing the website up-to-date with dynamic functionality, efficient booking systems and a superb UX on mobile devices.

The Brief

New website & enhanced UX

The World Nuclear University required a website that stood as a centre of nuclear knowledge excellence, driving both student recruitment and corporate sponsorship from key nuclear companies worldwide. Their existing site was a mash-up of confusing navigation, mismatched content and a poor user-experience especially on mobile devices.

The new site needed to encourage greater engagement with visitors, ensuring they remain on the site with longer duration times being a key aim for the project. With WNU being a global organisation, it was essential the site:

  • Delivered a fantastic UX particularly on mobile devices as social media was to be a key driver of traffic
  • Emphasised the expertise of WNU in nuclear technology for both new students and alumni by the clear communication of programmes and other content to support the ongoing education of nuclear practitioners of any level
  • Utilised intuitive user journeys, subtle animations and clear prompts

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Content Restructure & Intuitive User Journeys

With content and navigation being two of the largest concerns of the outgoing system, Obergine spent a significant portion of the initial phase auditing the existing structure of the site and how it could be best re-distributed for the simplest user-journeys. This was paired with intuitive navigation systems that were optimised for mobile-devices to ensure the new site’s content could be easily found by all users.

During this stage Obergine were vigilant in ensuring key Google ranking factors were respected including setting up 301s for old pages, well-structured URLs and easy-to-follow section breadcrumbs.

Much of the content re-structing focused around WNU’s programmes (or University courses) and how best to display related content to users who may be interested in signing up. This meant an extensive tagging system was built so that the right content was placed in front of the right user at the right time. This ensured, dependent on certain factors, users were always a couple of clicks from a wealth of industry-leading material related to one specific course or another.

This considered restructuring saw instant results, with over a third more pages being visited in the first three months of the site’s re-launch.

Content Restructure & Intuitive User Journeys

Improved UX & Mobile-First Design

A mobile-first design ensured that the website’s menus, content and CTAs were accessible to all users. Burger menus, sticky calls-to-action and fast loading content were all deployed to ensure an excellent UX was on offer to users on smaller devices or in locations with poorer connectivity.

The programme pages were of particular focus considering they were a key revenue generator for the university. Easy to understand iconography was deployed to immediately convey to the user exactly who each course is for. The same approach was taken when anchor tagging several elements on the page to ensure content was quickly accessible. Finally booking onto an individual university course was made simple via the use of an ever-present ‘Apply Now’ button.

Seeing when and where each course would take place was also simplified with the implementation of a calendar, which gave users a clear overview across the full academic year as well as a one-click approach for applying to a specific course meaning users were only ever a click away from applying to a course.

Improved UX & Mobile-First Design

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