Obergine grows Bentley Drivers Club Instagram following by 50% in just 9-months

Bentley Drivers Club

The Bentley Drivers Club (BDC) is over 80 years old having been founded in 1936 by Bentley owners. It now boasts a world-wide membership of over 4,000 with regional clubs in America, South Africa and Australia. The club hosts an array of local and worldwide events throughout the year run by dedicated Bentley enthusiasts.

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Social Media Channel Review & Strategy

The Bentley Drivers Club (BDC) wished to increase engagement with existing members and seek out potential new members, and so turned to Obergine in order to breathe new life into their under-utilised social media channels. Following an initial review across all of the club’s social media channels, a strategy was put in place to support BDC in meeting their goals.

  • Increase the awareness of social media within club members & create a sense of online community.
  • Grow the social media following for both member & non-members.
  • Lessen the burden on BDC staff through training & day-to-day assistance.

With over 4,000 global, active members, BDC wanted to engage with existing users more frequently through event, motorsport and club news as well as encourage new, younger audiences to interact with the club. Although the club had a solid presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all three were being under-used with intermittent posting, member-only content and no channel specific strategy.

Obergine were asked to complete a sweeping review across all channels in order to understand areas for initial improvement and put in place a full-scale strategy to influence content, tone-of-voice, messaging, and community management across all three (main) channels.

The Brief

Cross-channel Strategy

After reviewing and recommending areas for immediate improvement, Obergine put together audience personas as well as drawing up content and messaging proposals so that each channel would offer the content that was most likely to resonate with both it’s existing base and attract new target users.

At the heart of the new content was greater use of the club’s wealth of photography of Bentley’s and their owners. This more personal and car-centric approach was designed to get existing audiences excited about the BDC’s events as well as appeal to more general audiences who may in the future be interested in finding out more or joining the club. 

We also recommended that news and daily club information was released by Twitter and Facebook leaving Instagram free to promote the club’s thrilling motorsport and event activities. This was based upon analysis that indicated many more members followed the club’s Twitter and Facebook pages than Instagram.

Other core recommendations included:

  • Post frequency should be increased to weekly on Instagram and daily across Facebook / Twitter 
  • Greater use of user-generated content through re-posts, stories and tagged content
  • Increase engagement with community through replying to comments, re-posting content, liking follower content and replying to messages
  • Increasing content that linked to the BDCL website and more personality to posts where appropriate
  • Use of Instagram’s Reels and IGTV to promote video content and extend club’s reach

Implementation & management

Discussions with the BDC concluded around the division of labour and how all areas of the strategy could be put in place across all platforms. Using the tools and processes that had been put in place, including Hootsuite, Google UTM and Linktree, the creation and publishing of content for Twitter and Facebook would be left to the club (whilst following the Social Media Strategy document), whereas Instagram would be handled by Obergine.

This involved creating weekly content plans and schedules for medium and longer-term content with daily interactions being handled on an ad-hoc basis including posting to stories, re-posting tagged and user-generated content, and engaging with users via comments and direct messages.


Some of our results


views, comments & likes

on Instagram Reels


increase in

Instagram followers


rise in

engagement on Facebook

Success, engagement & growth

Since the campaign began, Instagram and Facebook have seen significant growth with their followings increasing by 50% and 24% respectively. Videos posted on the Bentley Drivers Club’s Instagram account have received Views, Likes and Comments totaling 45k!

Regular posting and more visually rich content on Facebook has seen an improvement of 150% in the number of members and non-members engaging with posts via comments and ‘reactions’, with a similar response on Instagram and Twitter.

Success, engagement & growth

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