60% increase in
page views

Alliance Pharmaceuticals' new and refreshed website has bought a huge increase in individual sessions as well as a 20% increase in session duration 

Publically owned international pharmaceutical company

Alliance Pharma have been trading since 1998 and have grown strongly to an annual turnover of over £40 million. Their expertise lies in the acquisition and licensing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and delivering these to patients across the globe.

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  • Responsive Websites

What was needed?

Alliance Pharmaceuticals needed a fresh, responsive website that reflected the company’s culture, as well as the scale of international operations from China to the UK and ongoing growth ambitions. The new website had to let users quickly access up to date product information across regions and in a number of languages.

Additionally the website needed workflow and approval process that could handle the rigours of pharmaceutical law on a global basis whilst balancing the needs of enterprise flexibility.

The Brief

Powerful and easy-to-use website content management

The website was built using the Kentico CMS as it provided a stable, easy-to-use system for editing and reviewing content, and allows multi-lingual pages to be handled efficiently. 

Along with the main website, there is an investors microsite, powered by Sitecore, which holds the investor news content and required deep integration with the main Alliance Pharmaceuticals website to ensure you could view the news on both sites.


Greater customer satisfaction, proven by hard numbers.


increase in



increase in

page views


increase in

search traffic

Multi-region and multi-language

Created a modern, responsive website covering 7 different languages which will eventually be rolled out globally. 

Multi-region and multi-language

Rigerous and sophisticated workflow

We created a workflow engine which was able to handle the flexibility needed by Alliance Pharma to cater for several multi-step workflows and different levels of review. This is to ensure the website suits the nature of the pharmaceutical industry and can tolerate the rigorous approval process.

For example, it was necessary to have separate workflows for product, editorial and news content as each of these content types require varying levels of medical and legal review before confirmation.

Rigerous and sophisticated workflow

Automated content migration

We achieved thorough legacy content migration by the development of a content migration robot that indexed the existing website. To ensure the integrity of the content was maintained this was combined with an interrogation of the legacy content database. 


Seamless content integration

We had to ensure seamless integration of the investor news content onto the Kentico powered corporate website from the investors microsite powered by Sitecore. This integration has to be smooth and unnoticeable to the user to ensure positive user experience. This was achieved by the consumption of the investors RSS feed on a regular basis.

Seamless content integration

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