170% growth in social traffic

Since the new website's launch Imbibe have seen their social traffic rocket by 170% and user engagement levels by 25%.

UK's leading publication for on-trade drinks professionals

Imbibe Magazine is the UK's top publication for on-trade drinks professionals. Its coverage stretches to every kind of drink imaginable; water to wine, spirits to soft drinks, tea to coffee.

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Magazine website brief

Traditionally, Imbibe led with print media and added content from the magazine to the website after publication, and wished to move to a constant publishing model that supplies users with small bite sized content chunks that can be quickly and easily consumed on a regular basis.

Building on the success of our work with the internationally renowned Sommelier Wine Awards, we were approached to create a magazine website that:

  • Allows the notoriously busy sommeliers, bartenders and other on-trade drinks professionals to consume drinks industry content quickly whilst on the move via mobile devices
  • Encourages users to subscribe and manage their profiles
  • Drives additional website advertising revenues beyond third party banners to include jobs and events
The Brief

User focused content delivery

To accommodate all website user needs, content is served to users by popularity, buzz level, date and finally what the editorial team wish to feature.


Greater customer satisfaction, proven by hard numbers.


increase in

social traffic


increase in

user engagement


reduction in

bounce rate

Super search

A dynamic keyword search enables users to find articles based on the relevancy of the keywords within the article quickly and easily.

The search also includes auto-complete facilities to further improve the user experience.

Dynamic keyword search

Content audit for SEO

Key to the project's success was the content audit of over 12,000 pages which enabled Imbibe to have a clear understanding of the value of the existing content and the migration of 8,000 pages to the new site.

As part of the content audit, the business rules for the all-important URL rewriting exercise were established to ensure that the new website SEO profile would be improved.

Content audit of over 12,000 pages and migration of 8,000 pages to new site

Automated content migration

The migration of the 8,000 pages and imagery from the old website was achieved via the creation of bespoke scripts that populated the new website with search engine friendly content.

More than 12,000 redirects were required to map the old website content to the new website content.

reation of bespoke scripts that populated the new website with search engine friendly content

User engagement

Imbibe already had a lively social media community, so it was essential to take advantage of that and allow content to be shared and endorsed across Imbibe's primary social media channels of Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

This was achieved by communicating the number of followers per platform and allowing users to join their preferred social media channels..

Content can be shared and endorsed across Imbibe's primary social media channels

Wirehive 100 finalist

Imbibe.com was B2B Site of the Year finalist in the prestigious Wirehive 100 Awards in 2015.  

The Wirehive 100 "B2B Site of the Year" competition category recognises exceptional B2B sites that bring together creativity, technical delivery and seamless user experience for B2B brands.

B2B Site of the Year finalist

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