30% monthly increase in conversion rates

Boswells of Oxford's move into ecommerce needed a digital marketing strategy that combined short term results with long term growth, along with a team who could manage their community, improve SEO, and attract more people to their mailing list.

Oxford's oldest family-owned store

Boswells of Oxford is the cities independent department store and has been a family business for over 275 years. As well as their city centre store Boswells has recently launched an ecommerce website.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Copywriting

Digital marketing brief

Boswells needed a partner to help them move into the world of digital marketing; a team of digital marketing and ecommerce experts that could help them develop a sustainable marketing strategy, build up an online community and start to make sales through their newly redeveloped website. 

Obergine would help to train the Boswells web team so that they could eventually take on the day-to-day digital marketing work, with their partner becoming a consultant and working with them strategically.

The Brief

Digital marketing strategy

Obergine and Boswells have worked together for the last two years to detail and implement a marketing strategy that will help Boswells to create a strong, revenue-driving digital presence nationwide.  We have worked with them to build a strong social media community, optimise their website for search engines and to start optimising it for conversions.

Our work with Boswells has focused on inbound marketing tactics including:

  • Outreach to influencers, building both links to the Boswells website and relationships with new networks
  • Creating helpful content on the Boswells blog to encourage more people to discover and connect with the brand
  • Building and engaging with Boswells’ social media community
  • Harnessing the power of their email list
  • Conversion rate optimisation through split tests and UX consultancy

Greater customer satisfaction, proven by hard numbers.


increase in

Facebook fans gained in just one year


increase in

website conversion rates


increase in

yearly website users

Spreading the word

Although Boswells is very well known in Oxford it did not have a strong brand outside the city. To help them expand nationally Obergine and Boswells worked on Facebook advertising campaigns that increased community size, creating blog posts that would help potential customers to find the website through organic search, and building relationships with online influencers to access their communities and gain their endorsements.

Helping an offline business move online

Boswells’ main challenge was that they had always been a traditional department store, focusing on in-store revenue not online. Obergine and the newly formed web team had to work together with other staff from across the store including management, visual merchandisers, and department managers to create a unified marketing effort. That meant lots of good planning, education, and communication.

brand building

Building a long-standing relationship

Obergine and Boswells are now in our second year of working together, with the Boswells web team using their new knowledge to take over day-to-day social media updates and blogging. Now that Boswells have seen the effects that inbound marketing can have on their business they are – with Obergine’s help – experimenting with how they use their channels to improve online sales and exposure. Working together like this will mean a long and exciting relationship for Obergine and Boswells.


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